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Our Latest Collection



Oxford Collection

Genuine Leather Menu Boards

What is this new collection?

This latest features & highlights our genuine leather material. We are loving our new leather swatch colors, that include the basics as well as bright &

fun colors!

You can either have the genuine leather by itself, or combine it with our basswood and screw posts to create a unique piece! The screw posts securely hold the genuine leather in place as you can see on the left. but they also hold in the printed inserts that displays your menu items. The posts make it easy to interchange your inserts as frequently as you would like, and give your menu a custom look.

In this blog we will be showing you the easy steps on how to create your next oxford menu!

The Four Steps to Creating an Oxford Menu Board

1)Select a Wood Stain Option

Choose from one of our many stain colors but choose wisely, for this will be the base to your menu board! There are other options available as well, just check out our wood board swatches.

2) Choose a Leather Color

Now that you have selected a basswood color for your base, you can now choose a leather color.

There are many choices from the basics to fun colors such as Purple or Kelly Green!

The one great thing about our genuine leather material is it can be added to a board, or it can stand great on its own! See below for a picture of our purple leather with printed inserts!

3) Choose insert size

4) Decoration Options

Choose a decoration option for the board or the genuine leather so your product is customized for your establishment!

Last step

is to enjoy your new menus!

You now know the easy steps to creating the perfect menu in the Oxford Collection.

Not only can you create a menu board by itself, a menu using just genuine leather material, but also using a combination of both! The Oxford Collection is not just menus but you can also create check presenters, coasters, & more, the options are endless with our latest collection. We hope you enjoy it as much as our team does!

Request information or check out our website for more!

Leather Coasters

Wood Check Presenters with Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather Menu

Happy Friday!

- The Menu Designs Team

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