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Reduce Concerns with Protective Face Shields

During this trying time, Menu Designs is here to help your company by reducing concerns and the spread of germs! Over the last few weeks we have been taking material normally used for our café covers, and creating protective face shields. Our new protective face shield line is available attached to a hat, or a simple strap, making each fit comfortable and easy to clean.

These face shields are perfect for first responders, delivery drivers, postal workers and more!


The two protective face shields we offer are:

Protective Face Shield Hat

This hat is easy to take on/off, and also is easy to lift the shield up/down while attached to the hat.

Since it is easy to take on and off, it is easy to take off and clean after each use.

Protective Face Shield Hats are offered in black, navy and white hats, but there are custom color options available upon request.

You can also customize each item by adding your logo to the hat or the shield.

Economy Face Shield

The foam backing on each Face Shield creates a comfortable fit for everyone. They are easy to keep clean, and can quickly be put on or taken off.

We realize that this is a tough time for many, but we are committed to creating great products that will help keep our community safe!


For more information about these new products contact us at: Call: 1-800-889-6368

Email Us:

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