3 Types of Wood Table Stands

Table Stands

Wood is a common choice for table stands. Wood table stands present a more refined and professional appearance. They are also sturdy and hold up long term without looking worn or old.

The type of wood table stand that your establishment needs really depends on the amount of material you plan to add to your table top inserts. Check below for some classic table stand inspiration for your establishment.

Wood Block

Wood Block Stand

Wood block stands are incredible table stands. Here's why. They are small and conveniently shaped, making them very easy to store. Also, the simplistic design saves you loads of time swapping out the menu inserts. If you have a standard amount of material to display and/or you are regularly changing your offerings, this is the table stand for your establishment.

The wood block features a small slit for a sheet of paper on one side and a larger slit on the flip side to hold a wooden board or clipboard. The wood block is 5" wide and comes in black, espresso, mahogany, and natural.