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4 Basic Menu Options

Simple Restaurant

An elaborate menu is not necessary for every establishment. If your restaurant or hotel has a very simple and straightforward tone, you may just need a complimenting menu with a similar look and feel. To get the most out of your menu, you must choose the right menu, not necessarily the most intriguing or elaborate one.

Below are different basic menu options.

SuperFlex Menus

SuperFlex Synthetic menus are a simulated paper that is tear-resistant, stain-resistant, waterproof, and overall highly durable. They're pretty straightforward menus and offer more custom design options if you decide you'd like to print an intricate logo or design on the menu.

These are ideal if you run a high-volume establishment because these will hold up through thick and thin days.

Cafe Menu

If you're looking for something lightweight and flexible that you can create into a basic book menu, consider the Cafe Style menu. There are two very popular styles of Cafe menus. The first is a completely clear flexible menu with a laminate appearance.

The second is similar is feel to the clear, but its a black book menu that offers the option to print your logo or a couple words on the front cover. This style is the Bistro menu cover.

All Cafe Style menus are in-stock and ready to ship unless further customization is requested.

Plaza Menu

The Plaza Style is a more upgraded look compared to most simplistic menu covers. It's sleek and could be used in more upscale establishments that are looking for a simple menu. The Plaza Style also features a couple extra design options. Screen-print your logo or add a die-cut window into the menu.

This menu cover is in-stock and ready to ship in black. It may also be custom designed into hundreds of other colors. Click the Information button at the bottom of this page for assistance.

Wood Menu Board

Wood menu boards are another popular menu option, especially for those looking to go the more straightforward route. They look nice and clean and they're very easy to use, offering the ability to replace the menu inserts quickly and efficiently.

Wood menu boards are also highly durable and will hold up in high-volume settings with little to no wear and tear. These are also available in-stock and ready to ship in two colors: Espresso and Golden Oak stain.

For more information on these menu covers, click the visit our site or click the Information button below and we will be in touch to further assist you.

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