4 Vintage Menu Covers

If you’re a brewery, distillery, speakeasy themed establishment, local coffee shop, or you just enjoy the vintage look, there are different types of vintage menu covers that make a statement and blow customers away. Check out our top picks below.

Our copper menus come in 7 different patina options. For upscale restaurants, the dark copper patina options represent a refined establishment well. For a funkier look, the blue and orange copper patina won’t go unnoticed. The vibrant copper tones demand to be noticed.

Vintage Menu

Wood menus are a great option for achieving a vintage look as well, especially

when they are shaped. Wood menus can be customized into many shapes that give you the opportunity to make a unique statement in your establishment.

Drink Menu

Bullet board menus are a newer menu cover designed to replicate wood menus but with much greater durability. If you are running a high-volume establishment, the bullet boards may be your best option. They are constructed with simulated leather materials and customers would never know the difference. Although there are 6 standard color options, we offer over 100 custom wood color options.