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4 Vintage Menu Covers

If you’re a brewery, distillery, speakeasy themed establishment, local coffee shop, or you just enjoy the vintage look, there are different types of vintage menu covers that make a statement and blow customers away. Check out our top picks below.

Our copper menus come in 7 different patina options. For upscale restaurants, the dark copper patina options represent a refined establishment well. For a funkier look, the blue and orange copper patina won’t go unnoticed. The vibrant copper tones demand to be noticed.

Vintage Menu

Wood menus are a great option for achieving a vintage look as well, especially

when they are shaped. Wood menus can be customized into many shapes that give you the opportunity to make a unique statement in your establishment.

Drink Menu

Bullet board menus are a newer menu cover designed to replicate wood menus but with much greater durability. If you are running a high-volume establishment, the bullet boards may be your best option. They are constructed with simulated leather materials and customers would never know the difference. Although there are 6 standard color options, we offer over 100 custom wood color options.

Menu Boards

The Linen Series is also a great vintage option and this one comes with a natural look. The cover of this menu is a subtle linen fabric with a variety of texture and color options. This is recommended for low-key food service establishments with low foot traffic. This is best for restaurants targeting adults only.

Linen Menu Covers

Menu covers are by far the most powerful marketing tool that food establishments possess. Because of this, we highly recommend you do not settle for a menu that does not fully represent your restaurant’s unique ensemble. This doesn’t mean you have to go way out of budget to obtain the perfect menu, but use your resources and put a lot of thought and distinction into your menu cover. It pays off.

If these menus didn’t quite hit the mark, check out our custom menu cover gallery by following this link. You can also reach out by clicking the “Additional Information” button below and we can help you put your thoughts into a visual, logistical concept.

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