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Upscale Drink Menu Ideas

Menu covers are the #1 marketing tool a restaurant possesses.

Having an upscale menu cover that conveys the message of quality, upscale dining will not only justify the prices to your guests, it will convince them that the extra few dollars is more than worth it.

The right menu cover is a small investment into your restaurant.

If you're operating an upscale restaurant and want to invest in your drink sales, below are our five recommended drink menus that wiould be a perfect fit for any upscale restaurants.

Cork Menu

These are one of our most popular specialty menu covers. Great for wineries, Italian restaurants, country clubs, and vintage-themed restaurants, these menu covers will promote wines and gourmet cocktails. When using this menu, don't forget to include information about each wine vineyard in the wine descriptions.

Cork Menu

Faux cork menus look almost identical to genuine cork menus, guests will not distinguish it. You may be more enticed to promote your drinks with the faux cork menu due to its increased durability factor. It's more versatile than the genuine cork menu, making it easier to clean and care for. These menus are recommended for higher volume upscale establishments that still want the effect of genuine cork menus.

Verona Menu

These menu covers come in a variety of textures and colors but the common distinction in these menus compared to other menu styles is their ability to grab attention. These menu covers were designed to be eye catching, chic, and upscale. These are recommended for modern and urban upscale restaurant scenes.

Aluminum Menu

Aluminum menu covers are sharp and polished, also recommended for the modern restaurant scene. This menu is ideal for casinos, upscale resorts, and urban restaurants. This menu type is also easy to customize in a number of ways to match any scene.

Copper Menus

If you're looking for a vintage, rustic look, the copper menu is recommended to up sell your drinks. If you're promoting the Old Fashioned or your signature martini, this may be the best menu type for your bar. These are also recommended for speakeasy and classic style restaurants.

These menu types can be customized in several different ways. View our galleries for each of these menu covers to see the alternatives in design or reach out to us for one-on-

one help by clicking the Information button below.

View our Drink Menu Gallery for inspiration!



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