5 Essentials for Kid-Friendly Restaurants

With all the intensive planning that goes on when operating a restaurant, it’s easy to overlook the little things, quite literally. Overlooking supplies for child customers can lead to upset children and disruption in your restaurant. With these supplies, you can ensure everyone is happy, including the munchkins that won’t be picking up the check this time around.

Kids Menus

Paper Placemat Menus

Paper menus are first and foremost when purchasing supplies for children. We offer 11” wide or 14” wide paper menu options with 14 template themes to choose from including space, sports, pirates and more. They all come with the children’s games kids look forward to when they go out to restaurants. Stick to a standard, front colored menu or add the works with a fully colored front side and a black and white back side.

Logo Crayons

Branded Crayons

Supply kids with crayons to engage with their themed placemat menu. Even without an interactive menu, crayons are great to have on hand for rambunctious children that need some entertainment. Brand your crayon boxes for some extra marketing or keep it simple. Adding your logo is not required to purchase from Menu Designs. Crayons come in packs of 4.