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5 Profitable Hotel Amenities

Menu Designs is a preferred supplier of hotel amenities. We stay up to date on popular and trending hotel products that increase the value to hotel guests and profits for any business in the hospitality industry. Below are five amenities we provide that bring growth to many hotels.

Hotel directories are easily one of the top most valuable hotel amenities a hotel can provide for guests. Hotel directories are simply designed to provide information to your guests. Providing information about local activities could save your front desk staff time and could improve customer service ratings.

Use directories to also inform guests of other services you offer. If you offer room service, massages, upgraded toiletries, etc. add it to your directories and you'll quickly realize the profitable investment you have made.

If you run an innovative hotel providing information to guests on a tablet, we also offer guest room directories in a tablet case design.

Guest room accessories is a broad term that includes all the guest room basics like note pads, desk organizers, channel guides, ice buckets, and more. These accessories range in material options and can be custom branded to build brand awareness for your hotel.

Guest Room Accessories

This mostly includes a very common hospitality product: desk blotters. Desk blotters range in materials and customization options. They're commonly used as desktop protection and as a writing surface. This is a popular tool designed to compliment hotel conference rooms, add professionally, and enhance the customer experience.

Banquet supplies includes all the necessities you might need for events at your hotel. This includes weddings, banquets, corporate events, and more.

Our banquet supplies include a lot of highly functional, lightweight, and easy-to-store items like LED signs and candles, table stands, portable vases, and more.

Banquet Supplies

Keeping pool menus around your pool inform guests on your offerings and encourage them to hang out at your hotel longer and purchase more products and services from you. Pool menus are waterproof, highly durable, and long-lasting.

We also carry an endless variety of branded pool products such as sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen, towels, and more. These are great for destination hotels.

For more information about any of these hotel amenities, reach out to us by clicking the Information button below and we will be in touch shortly to assist you.

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