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5 Upscale Menus for Fine Dining Restaurants

Your restaurant’s menu is the consumer’s first impression of your restaurant’s quality. We like to think of menus as the number one marketing tool for your restaurant. A refined menu adds value to your establishment’s atmosphere and creates an expectation in the guest’s mind that they will be paying higher prices for their meal. Justify higher food and drink prices with an elegant menu customized to fit your establishment’s fine dining look and feel. Below are five types of menus greatly suited for fine dining settings.

Majestic Menus

The Majestic Series gives you a number of different options for materials and customization. This type of material is made from high-quality, durable materials that can be constructed into many different styles and textures.

If you’re looking for something truly one of a kind, customize a menu from the Majestic Series.

Faux Wood Menus

If a rustic look fits your ensemble, faux wood menus are sturdy and can be created into multiple styles. It’s a more popular menu option due to its elegant appearance in a fine dining setting.

Menu Designs faux wood menus look similar to real wood and come in many different colors.

Genuine Cork Menu

The popular design of cork offers an upscale look that reminds customers of fine wine and elegance. These menus are not only lightweight and refined, but they stand out more than most menu types.

If your establishment is known for its intricate drink list, this is a great menu option for you. This is also highly recommended for wineries and other sophisticated establishments.

Faux Cork Menu

Why would anyone want faux cork menus over genuine cork? Faux cork menu covers are designed for higher volume environments. The simulated leather material is very durable and holds up well in messy environments. This material allows you to easily wipe away messes, quickly making your menus look as good as day one.

If you enjoy the popular design of the genuine cork but worried about longevity and care, this is a smart substitute.

Simulated Leather Menu

Simulated leather menu covers are great if you’re looking for a classic feel. You can create many looks with simulated leather and at Menu Designs, we can create these menus in many colors and textures. These menus also make great drink menu covers.

They offer a look that will never go out of style and they’re an excellent “safe” option as far as menu designs go. They offer a sleek appearance without jeopardizing quality.

Carry out guests’ fine dining experience with refined menus that will hold up in upscale settings. Use these menu galleries as inspiration to discover what will exceed guests’ expectations in your fine dining establishment. Our galleries are full of customized menus in each menu type. This includes customized drink, hotel, country club menus and more. Almost any texture, color, style, size, and material combination can be constructed at Menu Designs. If you’re unsure what style is best for your restaurant, give us a call and we can guide you in the right direction.

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