6 Menu Covers for Chain Restaurants

Chain restaurants require strong branding to stay relevant but also need to remain universal to fit well in each city or state they are present in. Simple, sleek, and well-defined is the route to take with this goal in mind. We’ve gathered a small collection of menus that fit the criteria to be an effective marketing tool in chain restaurants.

Wood Menus

Wooden Clipboard

This menu type is straightforward, yet well-defined. The simplistic design helps match about any geographic location but it’s unique aesthetic features leave a restaurant quickly recognized by consumers. There are many color and style options for this menu cover, leaving it to match most chain restaurant scenes.

Recommended for: Casual to fine-dining, moderate to low traffic, American cuisine, Italian cuisine, wide geographical location

Durable Menu

SuperFlex Synthetics

SuperFlex menus are a long-lasting, durable version of laminate and paper menus. They are waterproof and grease, scuff, and stain resistant, making them highly recommended for high-traffic, quick turnover chain establishments. This style menu is also best for adding vibrant colors and a busy marketing message because of the amount of space available to customize.