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Achieve the Vintage Look with Linen Menu Covers

Linen Menus

Subtle, smooth, and collective, linen menus are designed to enhance a natural or vintage atmosphere. This is one of the few menu types that feature a distinctive texture as well. Linen menus are especially suited for elegant and boutique hotels, historic establishments, prohibition-style restaurants, casinos, and more.

Below are a variation of linen menu styles.

Linen Drink Books

Linen menus have a subtle, "high-quality" look to them that convinces customers that your establishment offers more exceptional options. For many restaurants, a linen drink book could allow you the ability to increase drink prices or offer more expensive wines without customers noticing or profits negatively affected.

Linen drink books can feature a one-page wine list or pages can be binding to the inside of the drink menu for a more extravagant list.

Linen Logos

The foil stamped logo is the most popular logo printing option with linen menu covers. At Menu Designs, we are also able to print two color silkscreen logos and we can create die cut windows in your linen cover. The window cutout is a very defined look and the window can be filled in with aluminum, copper, or wood.

Linen Sizing

The most common size preferences within the linen series are the standard menu size and the long, drink book style. We can also size your linen covers into ideal sizes for check presenters, table tents, board menus, and more.

For additional information regarding the Linen Series, click the Information button below and we will kindly reach out to be of assistance.

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