Achieve the Vintage Look with Linen Menu Covers

Linen Menus

Subtle, smooth, and collective, linen menus are designed to enhance a natural or vintage atmosphere. This is one of the few menu types that feature a distinctive texture as well. Linen menus are especially suited for elegant and boutique hotels, historic establishments, prohibition-style restaurants, casinos, and more.

Below are a variation of linen menu styles.

The Drink Book

Linen Drink Books

Linen menus have a subtle, "high-quality" look to them that convinces customers that your establishment offers more exceptional options. For many restaurants, a linen drink book could allow you the ability to increase drink prices or offer more expensive wines without customers noticing or profits negatively affected.

Linen drink books can feature a one-page wine list or pages can be binding to the inside of the drink menu for a more extravagant list.

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