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All You Need to Know: Vintage Copper Menus

It takes a certain kind of establishment to pull off a copper menu cover. They are very unique menus and certainly not for every business. However, these menus make incredible marketing tools for the right places. They're very distinctive and they are eye-catching.

We recommend the copper menu cover for local coffee shops and cafes, speakeasy style restaurants and bars, boutique hotels, whiskey bars, and anywhere with an antique or contemporary atmosphere.

We have 7 different alternatives of copper patina. Pictured left to right are Black Rojo, Distressed Copper, Rojo Copper, Mottled Copper, Chocolate Copper, and Azul. Not pictured is the Antique Copper. Another unique element these menu covers have is that no two menus look exactly the same. The copper patina varies piece by piece.

Menu Covers

These menus can be sized to be large or small menus. They can also be sized and constructed for use as a check presenter, table tent, or drink menu. Decorations and logos are embossed, adding additional texture.

Unique Menus

Above, you can see some different alternations of our copper menus. On the left and right are drink menus printed in different copper patina. In the middle, we incorporated simulated leather with the copper patina to create this intricate, upscale design. Adding the black simulated leather enhanced the sophistication of the copper menu.

Below are two standard copper menu covers. The left was constructed from Azul patina and the right was made from Mottled patina. As you can see, custom binding options are also available.

Vintage Menus

For more information on vintage copper menu covers and customization options, click the Information button below and we will get in touch to answer your questions. For inspiration and additional custom menu covers, visit our Gallery.

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