FAQ: Wood Menus

Q: Are there different types of wood menus?

A: Yes. Wood menus can be made from different wood, bamboo, or even faux wood.

Q: Do the different wood materials affect the quality of my menu?

A: Yes. Wood and bamboo menus are not as durable as faux wood. Faux wood was designed as a more durable alternative for harsh environments that still want to achieve the rustic look. For a durable, wood-like menu, check out our Bullet Boards. They're water, stain, and warp resistant.

Bullet Boards

Q: Can I only use wood for my standard dinner menu?

A: If you would like to, yes. However, we design table stands and check presenters using wood materials as well. Wood is a popular option for table stands.

Q: What are my color or stain options?

A: For wood menus, there are 11 standard stain options. These are pictured and labeled on the top row, below. Custom stains are available upon request.

Faux wood menus come in 6 standard colors, pictured on the bottom row below. There are also over 100 other custom color options.