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FAQ: Wood Menus

Q: Are there different types of wood menus?

A: Yes. Wood menus can be made from different wood, bamboo, or even faux wood.

Q: Do the different wood materials affect the quality of my menu?

A: Yes. Wood and bamboo menus are not as durable as faux wood. Faux wood was designed as a more durable alternative for harsh environments that still want to achieve the rustic look. For a durable, wood-like menu, check out our Bullet Boards. They're water, stain, and warp resistant.

Bullet Boards

Q: Can I only use wood for my standard dinner menu?

A: If you would like to, yes. However, we design table stands and check presenters using wood materials as well. Wood is a popular option for table stands.

Q: What are my color or stain options?

A: For wood menus, there are 11 standard stain options. These are pictured and labeled on the top row, below. Custom stains are available upon request.

Faux wood menus come in 6 standard colors, pictured on the bottom row below. There are also over 100 other custom color options.

Wood Color

Q: What are my customization options?

A: As mentioned, there are three different wood material options available. We can customize the shape and size of your wood menu. The logo can be silkscreen printed or laser etched. Various binding options are available as well and we can even incorporate different materials into your wood menu.

Q: When is the soonest I can receive these menus?

A: This depends on if you customize your menu or not. For standard orders on in-stock menus, the menu can be shipped the same day or following business day. To see what wood products we have in-stock, click here. Keep in mind, all orders require a minimum of 25 units.

Custom menus take longer to ship, but varies depending on the project. For more information about this or something else regarding wood menus, click the Information button below and we will reach out to further assist you. Thank you!

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