Is Your Country Club Ready for the Season?

For the warmer states, country club season is quickly approaching and preparation time is running out. There is a lot to think about in terms of supplies, presentation, and organization so your club is prepared to hit the ground running when the northerners come back in town.

Jamie Douglas wrote an informative article on ensuring your clubhouse is ready for the upcoming season. She points out what members expect to see when they come back to their beloved club and how to prepare for the high expectations that members expect from their club management.

We recommend taking Jamie's tips and advice for blowing member expectations out of the water. Enjoy and let us know what you think about our clubhouse preparation measures.

Country Club

When you think of country clubs, words such as “high-end” and “elite” probably come to mind. There is a certain level of sophistication one expects when visiting a country club, and as a country club you want to make sure you are meeting (and exceeding) that level of expectation. From your golf greens to your facilities, these are all features that need to be top notch.

In addition to these highly noticeable details, there are other details that you shouldn’t forget. Now is the perfect time to start taking inventory of your resources and determine what may be needed for the season. Part of your preparation for the season should include reviewing your marketing products and displays that are promoting your club. These are the products that display information that can help sales of a particular drink at the bar, promote golf lessons given by your golf pro or assist with boosting the participation of an upcoming golf tournament.

As you are reviewing your current marketing products, consider your return from these products during the past year. Were these products memorable? Did customers inquire about what was displayed? It’s important to understand that not all marketing products are created equal, and if your marketing products aren’t working, it’s time for a change.

Your marketing products should be reflective of the quality products that you have to offer your country club guests. Here are a few products with a high-end look that will show off your country club offerings, and your guests will be sure to notice: