New Menu Options and Cleaning Tips - Keep Establishments Safe

This pandemic has taken a major toll on all industries, especially the hospitality industry. Menu Designs is here to help keep your restaurant safe, and remain open during these trying times. In this post we will explain more in depth why these products can help to ensure safety and prevent the spread of germs in your establishment.

Antimicrobial Menus

Antimicrobial Synthetic Menus

Our Superflex Synthetic is a durable, simulated paper with smooth high quality material that ranges in size and thickness.

Digitally printed, and retains vibrant colors, these menus hold up longer compared to paper and laminate. Our team can help design, create and help layout your menu design, so your perfect menu gets printed.

This material is waterproof, grease, scuff and stain resistant. This would be a great option for restaurants because even without lamination can easily be wiped clean.

Easy, convenient, and stress free, we can apply BioShield75 to any item of your choosing to keep your products protected from the start! The BioShield can with stand daily sanitization, and it is recommended that you clean menus still after each use. The BioShield acts as an extra layer of protection and fights off the microbes and bacteria.

BioShield 90 Day Surface Protectant

90 Day Surface Protectant