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New Product Debut at the NRA Show!

With only one month left till the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, we are preparing our product samples and coming up with new and exciting goods to show our visitors! Menu Designs serves the hospitality industry as a manufacturer of custom menu covers, check presenters, directories, table marketing products and other helpful items for restaurants, hotels, country clubs and more! This allows us to continually innovate new items to make business more efficient at your establishment. We plan to bring a huge array of samples to the, however, we wanted to give you an inside look on some of the new products we are debuting this year. Feel free to click the images below to get a closer look!

Check Presenter Cubes

This product comes in the golden oak color as shown and in espresso black. Your customers can slide their credit card in the side slots and the receipt and pen can be placed neatly in the top holes. A fun and unique way to keep all the check items together while making it obvious when the customer is ready for the server to pick up the block and take their card.

Check Presenter Boxes

Another unique way to seal the deal, these wood check presenter boxes provide a safer and more private method of presenting the bill. These check boxes have smooth finishes in pine or mahogany and can be laser etched with your logo. Slide the lid open to reveal the secluded bill. Your customers may feel more comfortable leaving a bigger tip if it's hidden safely in the box away from onlookers.

Custom Menu Covers with Medallion Decoration

We are adding a new way to decorate your custom menu covers. This metal medallion option looks so classy and makes your menus look much more expensive and valuable. It looks simply timeless!

Turned Edge Reserved Signs

Need to reserve some tables on a busy night at your restaurant or club? Maybe your hotel caters to weddings and other large events? Having these classy custom reserved signs not only is useful with presentation, but allows for another opportunity to add your establishment's logo for brand recognition.

Custom Shaped Wood Menu Boards

We already know that the natural wood look is taking the hospitality industry by storm. Why not use that to your advantage and get custom shaped menu boards? It's simple and clean with no clumsy page turning. Choose a shape that represents what your establishment is all about. Own a brewery? A jug shape like the example below is a good option. Add an etched in logo or your restaurant's name for a finishing touch.


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