Rustic Menu Supplies for the 19th Hole

Country club management would be the first to know what the 19th hole bar can look like after a beautiful golfing day. Remains of club sandwiches, beer glasses, condiments and sugar packets are everywhere. 19th hole bars need durable menus that still fit the part of a country club setting. Rustic style menus are a popular way of exerting the casual atmosphere of the 19th hole, while maintaining sophistication that country clubs require.

Table Stands

Table Stands

Table stands are a must in every country club to list featured specials and upcoming events. You may have sleek and upscale table stands in your dining room, but something more casual is better for the day setting and high-volume atmospheres.

A-frame table stands are a nice way to dress a 19th hole bar because they offer the professionalism of country club dining with an easygoing tone. A bamboo or wood A-frame table stand is perfect for a classy “pastime” look.

Menu Covers

Board Menus

There are a few great menu design options for country clubs seeking to achieve that rustic look, but one in particular exceeds in durability. Bullet boards are sturdy, flat menus that have bands to hold the menu slips in place. This is a great option because if the menu becomes dirty, it’s very easy and timely