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Trends are constantly changing in this day and age, which sometimes makes it difficult for companies to stay within the cutting edge of their industries. More and more we see technology and new inventions finding its way into the hospitality world. Case in point is the growing popularity of digital and electronic food menus. Instead of dishing out a ton of money to go down the "self ordering iPad" route, how about an illuminated menu? Today we are going to revisit a blog about The Lighted Menu by Menu Designs. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

"A Bright Idea That Will Take Your Establishment into the Next Generation"

As the future is gearing more towards technology, industries are constantly looking for the latest products and advancements to surpass their competitors. The next bright idea in the hospitality industry is the use of LEDs to provide a back light to menus, known by Menu Designs as The Lighted Menu. This one-of-a-kind product is perfect for those establishments with dimly lit atmospheres such as nightclubs, VIP lounges, hotel lobby bars and upscale restaurants. LED menu covers create an ambiance of their own and provide a new, uplifting experience generating a sense of excitement and enticement.

The aesthetically pleasing design of this menu cover and its integration with technology makes it not only unique but also something that customers want to try. The product becomes like a new toy at Christmas which is a great plus for the establishment! In addition, back-lit menus are extremely functional and serve a great purpose to customers, making the menu easier to read while reducing strain on the eyes with its soft lighting display. Our LED menu covers take away that previous frustration of asking the server for more light or a pair of reading glasses and present instead, a user friendly, innovative menu cover!

The technology behind the LED back-light is efficient and long lasting. The two panel menu cover lights up when the menu is opened and automatically turns off when closed, which is extremely useful for the menu’s battery life. The LED collection has its own discreet charging port, making the product economically and environmentally sound, as it is powered by a lithium-ion battery keeping the menu illuminated all night on a single charge. The menu covers are presented as though they are digital, creating that class and futuristic look when in fact, the technology and design is simple. The menu inserts are just printed on backlit paper which helps display that soft white lighting that is flawless for any setting. It also makes it very affordable and easy to change menu inserts.

Our LED menu covers can be tailored to any establishment or purpose with four different sizes to choose from, whether the need is for a lengthy dinner menu or wine & drink menu. The two panel menu cover comes in a standard black leatherette material, however, can be customized with various other materials and logos to suit the décor of your environment. In addition to offering the two panel LED menu cover, we also offer single panel menu covers, check presenters and table stands, all with LED technology to complement your menu covers.

Take your establishment in the next generation and watch it transform with a LED menu cover that guarantees to lure customers in!

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