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Your Favorites Are Back

Your favorite restaurant and hospitality basics are ready to ship the same day you order them. We recently restocked the following products. These products are in large demand and will not last long, however we have many other popular table top displays in-stock and ready to ship as well.

Aside from the below, we have several other restaurant basics in-stock and ready to ship. See those here. Keep in mind, our minimum order size is 25 units.

ABS Flip Stand

Otherwise known as the Happy Roll or Flip Stand, these plastic stands are ideal when you have a lot of information or items to display. The stand holds up to 10 page protectors at a time, leaving you with up to 20 pages of content to advertise to customers. Promote your drink menu, dessert menu, upcoming events and promotions with this table top display.

The ABS stand comes in black and the page protectors are sold separately. These come in two different sizes for your convenience.


This is a newer product that has been a hit. The black wooden hanging T-stand is back in-stock, ready to ship. Similar to the plastic flip stand, it's great when you need multiple pages of space. It's a unique and more intricate design than the plastic flip stand and is ideal for upscale establishments. The espresso color T-stand is also very popular, offering an elegant twist to table top displays.

The page protectors for this stand are also sold separately and come in two different sizes.

Block Stand

This new wood block stand is a rustic and innovative take on table top displays. It's simplistic, lightweight, and versatile. The block features two slits, one of each side, for multi-functional purposes. One slit is small enough to hold a sheet of paper and the other slit is large enough to hold a wooden board or clipboard. The black block is back in-stock; however, this block stand also comes in mahogany, natural, and espresso stain, all of which are very popular and suited for different atmospheres.

Custom color and size options are available for additional cost. Add a laser etched name or logo at checkout for additional cost. Laser etched logos are a great way to enhance this piece and define it in your restaurant.

A-Frame Table Stand

The A-frame table stand is one of the most popular table top display options. We are back in stock in the black sizes 6" x 4" and 8.5" x 5.5". These are ideal for displaying promotional material such as upcoming events, offers, specials, wine lists and happy hours. This table top display provides ease in replacing the insert with its simple design.

Simply type up your new specials, print them, and replace the old inserts. Many restaurant marketers prefer customized A-frames since they are so common and generic. Contact us for customization options.

If something is out-of-stock that you would like for your establishment, see our In-Stock Products page for several other similar, high-quality table top displays. For questions about in-stock products or customization options, contact us at 800-889-6368. We are happy to lead you in the right direction. To view our these and our other in-stock products, click here.

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